POS Data Mining
(get to know your customer)

All stores need to reduce and eliminate non-selling inventory.  Then, they need to stock there store with products that their customers want and need.  And the only way to do this is to understand what your POS system is storing. 

We are experts in POS data mining.  We analyze your POS data and tell you how to retructure your store to maximize per customer transactions.

Running your store in a fashion to keep cost low and profit margins high requires you to put all the puzzle pieces togther.  oneCEO are puzzle experts, call us to assist you now.

Analyze each store location.

Data mine your POS data.

Formulate a plan.

Implement the plan.

Providing Labor Management Services

Through a tightly controlled process, each of your stores will realize a labor cost savings that really adds up!  Apply this savings in a volume based situation and you could end up savings millions of dollars. 

Using our highly developed advanced labor metrics, each of your stores will save on labor cost which will cause your profit margin bar charts to climb!


We Understand Your Needs

oneCEO's roots come from the retail store market and we had the same needs you have, to control labor cost, reduce and then eliminate non-selling inventory and turn a profit.  We provide a tool chest of tools that will help do all of this and more. 

 We would love to meet with you and show you how we can help you meet all of your goals. 



And Remember, A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned!