Meet Our Team

Jim Mercer-

While in High School, Jim started working in his family owned Dairy and Ice Cream Business.  He worked in the ice cream plant and later managed that operation.  He opened three dairy stores that later were purchased from Mercers dairy that eventually blossomed into a large convenience store chain.

Jim grew his business into a 79 store chain of convenience stores named Bonfare Food Stores located in upstate New York and Vermont.  Bonfare used the Superette Format of high profile displays to sell groceries and other merchandise.  Bonfare was the first convenince chain to use scanning in all it's stores.

By working with companies like Pepsi,Slim Jim,Hershey and Wrigley Mars Candy, they taught Jim how to become an expert on how to use scan data to increase  per customer transaction merchandising for increased profit, and eliminating non-selling inventory.

Jim sold Bonfare to Stewarts Ice Cream company.  Stewarts is the owner of 300+ stores in New York State.  He started CEO Consulting Group (oneCEO).  The company specializes in retail consulting labor management.  Jim has developed labor metrics that save an average Store over $10,000 in labor annually.  Through a process of POS data mining, an increase in sales is realized in each store.  Jim completed a project with Ampol (2500 Store Australian chain of convenience stores), average store eliminated $12,000 in inventory; Ampol had 27% sales increase across the board.

Jim is a founding member of the Saratoga Foundation.  He is a past Vice President of Albany NY Council of Boy Scouts of America.  He is Chairman of Board of New York Food Merchants Association.  Jim and his wife Linda have three children and enjoy working together on projects,traveling and skiing.

Audrey Elwood-

Audrey Elwood has extensive human resource experience spanning over thirty years primarily focused in the convenience store industry.  This includes c-stores, supermarkets, restaurants and warehousing facilities.  Her experience encompasses all functional human resource areas as well as labor efficiency.  She has special expertise in identifying and executing training programs including harassment and discrimination training and prevention programs, Federal and State compliance assessment, worker�s compensation and risk management.   She is able to design personnel policies and benefit programs for smaller companies as well as multi state and multi unit corporations.

Throughout her career Audrey has been recognized for her ability to quickly evaluate needs and implement solutions that not only ensure compliance and mitigate risk, they have a direct impact on the strategic goals of the company.  As VP of HR for Martin & Bailey, Inc. the implementation of Jim Mercer�s labor program that was uniquely defined to each store saved the company thousands of labor dollars.  A payroll debit card option program along with direct deposit eliminated printing payroll checks, postage and related bank service charges.  A mandatory arbitration program encouraged communication and resolution of employee problems to promote a �best in class� workplace as well as reduce potential litigation.

Clients include Savory Foods, Inc., Gordy Oil Co, Golightly & Long, LLC and Garb-Ko, Inc.

Audrey Elwoods human resource consulting encompasses evaluations, recommendations and implementation in the following areas:

1.    Current training and execution of that training
         -Identify needs
         -Propose programs and options to address those needs

2.    Assess compliance with Federal and State laws and labor relations
         -Payroll functions, labor posters
         -FLSA Dept of Labor
         -Job descriptions
         -NRLB,and union, union avoidance
         -Discrimination, Harassment training, prevention programs
         -Propose programs and options to resolve

3.    Workers Compensation,Liability Insurance Claims, Risk Management
         -Safety Program, Accident Prevention
         -Cost containment, claims handling procedures
         -Premium savings

4.    Unemployment Claims and cost savings

5.    Wage and Salary Program
         -Performance appraisals
         -Competitive wage surveys

6.    Personnel policies
         -Work rules
         -Disciplinary program

7.    Recruitment Program
         -Hiring practices
         -Drug testing programs
         -Background checks

8.    Retention Program

9.    Benefit Programs
         -Health Insurance, life insurance
         -Vacations, holidays and time off
         -401(K), retirement programs

10.  Store Visits and Key Personnel Interviews


Timothy Munn-

Timothy has a background in software development starting in the 90's and is the owner of Pixamation.   Timothy is an automation and software development expert.  Pixamation fills the gap between canned software packages and custom written software. With software deployments in all parts of the country in facilities ranging from glass production to dairy farms, he has a programming portfolio that is well diversified. 

Many companies contact Timothy to develop software that will streamline data process flow in order to save money.  Whether you need software to email invoices rather then mailing them or software to turn off PC's/Servers in low production times to save enrergy, Pixamation can help.



Customer Quotes

"Amazing, truly amazing.  oneCEO saved us 16% in labor cost our first year!" - unknown

"Jim and his team really know what it takes to run a profitable business.  I will always have oneCEO as a tool in out tool chest." - unknown

"Another customer quote." - unknown